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Many patients look for teeth-whitening services in Ottawa. It’s an excellent way to make your smile brighter without any big treatments. And guess what? You can get it done right here at our dental clinic.

With in-office teeth whitening services or take-home teeth whitening products designed by our dentists, you will have a healthy smile that radiates confidence wherever you go.

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teeth whitening at home and in-office

In-Office & At-Home Teeth Whitening

A bright smile can help you achieve more in life, whether it’s the ability to smile without feeling self-conscious or the confidence to approach work or life challenges. Dr. Jordan Pettigrew & Associates carries various options for teeth-whitening in Westboro to help you reach a whiter smile in a matter of hours.

Our super-fast zoom teeth whitening at the office is a hit with folks getting ready for a big event or special day. It works really well and gets your smile shining in no time. For those who wish to touch up their whitening at home or who have more time, our take-home teeth whitening kits are a popular choice.

Get Whiter Teeth in a Matter of Hours

If you’re sick of trying store-bought whitening products that don’t work, Dr. Jordan Pettigrew & Associates in Westboro, Ottawa, has dentist-delivered solutions for you. Our teeth-whitening products contain more active whitening agents, which means you can get a whiter smile in less time. Our Ottawa dentist provides teeth whitening near you, which is a safe and affordable cosmetic upgrade, so if you have been longing for a brighter smile, there’s no need to wait!

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