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As orthodontic technologies advance, our dental clinic in Westboro Village is proud to offer the Invisalign “invisible braces” system. It is an outstanding alternative for patients seeking a flawless smile without the inconvenience of conventional metal braces and wires. We are able to correct a wide variety of misalignments in the teeth and jaws with Invisalign in Ottawa.

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Creating Precise Movements of the Teeth and Jaw

We have helped many of our patients transform their smiles using Invisalign in Westboro. We begin your treatment plan by making sure you are a good candidate for the therapy. Once we have determined that you are a candidate, our Ottawa dentists will scan your teeth using digital dental technology.

Using these scans as a foundation, we will initiate the treatment planning process by meticulously charting out the subtle, consistent adjustments needed to guide your teeth to their ultimate straightened positions. From there, we will create a series of custom aligner trays, each of which you will wear for about two weeks until your treatment is complete.

Learn More About Invisalign Technology

We’re delighted to offer Invisalign near you. Many of our patients who have postponed traditional braces to straighten their teeth are curious about how Invisalign treatment can help.

The clear trays are nearly invisible in the mouth, leading to an appealing treatment and incredible results. To discover more information on Invisalign technology or determine your eligibility, reach out to our dental practice today.


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