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Dental fillings are a common treatment performed at Dr. Pettigrew & Associates. While a filling cannot reverse the effects of tooth decay, it does prevent further damage by filling the cracks in tooth enamel. Our focus on preventative dentistry means that we focus on delivering dental fillings near you in the early stages of tooth decay so that more invasive and expensive treatments aren’t necessary in the future.


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Types of Filling Material

Our dentists work with a variety of dental filling materials to ensure our patients receive fillings that are effective and long-lasting. Different kinds of fillings have been used for many decades in dentistry and continue to be popular due to their durability. We also work with composite filling materials, which mimic the colour and translucency of natural teeth. Composite material is often recommended for more visible fillings.

Long-Lasting Fillings

We offer dental fillings in Ottawa which are one of the most common types of preventative and restorative treatment. We provide fillings that allow you to leave our offices and have your teeth feel natural and healthy with new fillings. However, no matter how great our materials and dental work are, usual wear and tear eventually takes its toll. Most fillings need to be replaced after about 10-12 years. If you have old fillings, we will check them in a regular oral examination to ensure they are secure and will continue to protect your teeth.


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