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Root Canal Therapy Near You

When the root of a tooth becomes inflamed or infected, it can be uncomfortable and incredibly painful. That’s when it’s time to get root canal treatment in Ottawa. Our experienced dental team can help save the infected tooth with root canal therapy near you, so you can leave our clinic with a pain-free smile and an incredible sense of relief.

How Root Canals Preserve Natural Teeth

Our main goal is to keep your real teeth healthy, but if they get infected, we have a way to save them. It’s called root canal therapy in Ottawa. We make a tiny hole in your tooth, clean out the bad stuff inside, and then cover it with a special cap called a dental crown. It helps your tooth stay strong and healthy.

Tooth Pain? Book an Exam Today

If you experience severe tooth or gum pain, you may have an infected tooth. Be sure to call our dentist in Ottawa right away to book a dental examination. We will take dental X-rays to quickly assess the health of your teeth and provide root canal therapy in Westboro so you can get some much-needed relief.

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