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Fixed Dental Bridges Near You

Missing teeth can affect your self-confidence right away, but over time, they can also cause your teeth to shift. Dental bridges offer a durable and aesthetically appealing solution, allowing us to fill in gaps with an exact match to your teeth. Many of our patients with minimal tooth loss choose dental bridges in Ottawa to maintain healthy and straight teeth.

Helping Patients Move Past Tooth Loss

Dental bridges use abutment teeth (the teeth on either side of the gap left by a missing tooth) to hold an artificial tooth in place in the gap. Abutment teeth can be natural teeth, teeth with dental crowns, or dental implants. Depending on your level of oral health and other considerations, we can create dental bridges in a variety of ways and from your choice of several dental materials. Your bridge will be created to perfectly fit your teeth and mouth in a dental laboratory and expertly fitted by our experienced dental team.

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Our dentists are always happy to help patients return to a full and fully functioning smile after tooth loss. If you have missing teeth and you are looking for an effective and affordable treatment option, ask our dental professionals at your next appointment for dental bridges near you. A full smile is a healthy smile!


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